Monday, February 29, 2016

Mix and Match

5 Items, 4 Outfits, Under $100.

I love a good mix and match--and the other day I found a perfect set of 5 pieces from H&M that mix to create four totally different looks. As I've mentioned before, I don't like to wear an exact outfit more than once, instead trying new ways to match things. So I love that all of these pieces can mix and match with each other as well as everything else in my closet. The sweater, skirt, and bag combo goes so perfectly together it's like it was meant to be. The off white shade ties them all together seamlessly. I was amazed how much I actually loved the floral on floral look of the skirt and tank together once I tried it on. Since the prints are different sizes and they are both in a similar color scheme the look is not too crazy for me and I actually like how girly and bold it is. 

Once we start to get into a little warmer spring weather I can't wait to wear the shorts-and-sweater combo. I've always loved the way a slouchy sweater pairs with shorts or a skirt in transitional weather. And for another print mixing look the floral tank and striped shorts make a great summery match. I love that these pieces give me options to wear from now through summer! The two tone bag (a Gucci look-alike) is fun because it goes perfectly with whites without blending in entirely, and the neutral tone is totally multi-seasonal.

It's rare, especially at a store like H&M, for everything I took in the fitting room to work out, so it seemed like a sign to me that these items were a perfect set to purchase. Plus, this whole haul was under $100.00! The shorts I snagged on sale for $7, the sweater was on sale for $9.99 and the bag at full price is only $19.99 so I felt like I was getting a pretty good deal for four outfit options. Which look is your favorite? 

Ok, the sad news is I literally can't find any of these clothing pieces on, so I am linking to similar options (the bag is available online!). Check in store though, I find that their website often is not aligned with what they have in store.
Sweater, Skirt/option, Tank/option, Shorts, Bag from H&M. Boots: Sam Edelman (old). Sneakers: Keds. Necklace: Kate Spade.

xoxo, CC


  1. Really love the look *O*

    Ana ♥ N/POST

  2. Great looks! My favorite piece is that skirt, so pretty!

  3. Lovely skirt ;)


    Mónica Sors



  4. Excellent choices! Love your style!

  5. Perfect combo of outfits! Pretty!

  6. Love when you score such a great bargain! The skirt is so cute!

    1. Gotta love a good deal! haha. This skirt is going to become a regular!