Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer Lipsticks

When I reach for lipstick in the summer shades of pink are my definite go-tos. I recently updated my selection with two shades from M.A.C. ending up with a hot pink and a coral which are perfect summer shades. Between the two I almost don't need anything else! But it is always fun to experiment with new colors too and switch up your routine.

For the hot pink I selected Star Magnolia which will replace an old lipstick I had in a similar shade. It is a fun way to add a little pop of color to your look yet because it is a sheer formula it doesn't look overdone. I also really wanted to get a nice coral shade, and I ended up with Flamingo, a sheer shimmery peachy color. Both shades a bit sheer which, while it may need more frequent upkeep, is less noticeable when it fades so I don't have to worry too much if my lipstick is looking weird as it wears. 

I also really like the color Sushi Kiss as a pretty summer coral (which I first saw on some bloggers and really loved!!) but they were out of it when I went into the store! Sad, but I will have to go back and get it another time because it is a really pretty matte coral option. The two new shades I got will go perfectly with my bright summer outfits and add a little fun to my makeup routine!
What are your favorite summer lipstick colors?

Lipsticks: M.A.C. Cosmetics Star Magnolia & Flamingo.

xoxo, CC