Saturday, April 30, 2016

Subtly Smoky

Hello! I just wanted to do a quick follow up to last week's post where I talked about the Mally makeup kit that I tried out, and how much I like the eyeshadows. Somehow the photos I took then didn't show the color very well (plus I forgot to use an eyeshadow primer which probably didn't help it with lasting). So I took a few quick photos to really show the eye palette better. 

In these photos I am wearing both of the eyeshadow colors and the mascara from the kit. I forgot the lipgloss at work or I would have thrown that on too for the total look! The darker eye color is a smoky bronze that is a little deeper than I would normally wear for a daytime look (or at all really!) but by blending it with the lighter shade in the inner corners and a bit across the top it really softens up the look. I like that even though it is dark the shade looks pretty natural and not like I got punched in the eye! I feel that a lot of smoky colors just look too dramatic on me, but this one I really like.  The eyeshadows have just a touch of sparkle but nothing too crazy! I am also loving the mascara, it is dramatic and lengthening without being too clumpy. 

(and sorry for the random background with the waterbottle... the lighting was jsut really good right there lol)
xoxo, CC

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  1. I like the eyeshadow combination--- looks great on you!