Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dream Closet

I have always enjoyed the styling and color coordinating that goes into home decor, which is very similar to fashion in those ways, and my recent job has me thinking about interior design on the daily. Sometimes I like to daydream about how I would decorate my future home, going through specific rooms in my mind and looking through Pinterest boards for inspiration. Of course I have always dreamed of having a walk in closet, and right now Arhaus has me imagining about how my dream closet would look fully decorated. In my imagination it would be a large walk in with plenty of hanging and shelf space for storing all my clothes and shoes, plus room for a little decor too.

My taste tends to be for bright white spaces peppered with fun colors, like hot pinks or pale blues, and always accents of gold. My ideal dressing room would have lots of light, plentiful mirrors, and a few comfy seats. I've always wanted to have a nice way to store and display my shoes, so a glass front shoe shelf or pretty shoe storage racks would be essential. I like to think of my favorite shoes as works of art that should be displayed and not hidden away in boxes! I love the idea of incorporating pretty pairs of heels into the decor, or lining them up on glass-encased shelves. 

I am a huge advocate for natural light, so I think even a walk in closet should have a window allowing light into the space. So many closets are dim and windowless, which makes it hard to get dressed and see how your outfits and colors will really look in daylight! Of course lighting fixtures are essential in the room too, so a fun geometric chandelier from Arhaus in a gold finish to match the decor is the perfect touch. My style tends to be bold and girly with distinct lines and plenty of color, so this fun angular chandelier fits right in. Colorfully framed mirrors and a bright pink chair would also be ideal in this fun, feminine space and would help me feel inspired as I put together outfits every day.

My current set up (see a peek here) is an exposed clothing rack in my bedroom, which doesn't have nearly the amount of space I would like, so dreaming of a big walk in closet is only natural. I like to keep my current closet rack color coordinated since it looks so much more appealing and organized that way, and helps my room to look clean and crisp. I would continue this color coordination even in a full walk in, since it creates such an organized look, and I'm sure we all know how cluttered closets can get!
Have you thought of how you would design your dream closet? It's so fun to "window shop" online and create inspiration boards that outline your dream!

xoxo, CC

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