Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Out With the Old // In With the New

Warm spring weather has started creeping in and teasing us here in New York lately, and while the official start of spring is still a few weeks away, these recent warm days have me thinking ahead towards a spring wardrobe. Each year when we hit spring I get really excited about bringing out my skirts and dresses, yet in early spring it still feels too soon to reach for the bright sundresses and floaty mini skirts. This leaves a time when it can be hard to know what to wear, when spring is in the air, yet it is not quite warm enough to turn to full-blown summer styles. It can get frustrating trying to create transitional outfits and it can make me feel sick of everything in my closet, nudging me to do a wardrobe refresh. I start to realize which pieces in my closet aren't very useful and which essentials I am lacking.

There is something about the season of spring sparks the frenzy of spring cleaning. The start of a new year, new life breathing into the earth, makes us want to mimic that and start fresh ourselves. Out with the old and in with the new, so to speak. Each year I find myself wanting to go through my closet and cleanse it of items I don't see myself wearing in the future, making room for things I still need. So, not only does a change of season mark a shift in wardrobe but it's a great time to evaluate what you have, what you need, what you don't wear, and what can be put away until next year. 

I have also noticed shifts in my style over time, whether due to age, changes in larger fashion trends, or influences from where I live and who I'm around, there are noticeable differences in my style preferences as they shift over time. These shifts also call for a change of wardrobe and a re-evaluation of what's in my closet. While I tend to be nostalgic and not want to let things go, ever hopeful that it will come in handy later on, there is a time when one must get realistic and let go of the things that are no longer useful. Clearing out the old and unused makes room in your closet for new finds and necessary essentials. It's sad to say goodbye to once loved pieces that no longer fit my needs, but I like to think that they will make someone else very happy, whether I donate or sell them, someone else will find good use for these pieces that are no longer "me".

Sometimes I hold on to items that just aren't quite right since they serve some style purpose that is deemed necessary in my wardrobe. They tend to sit around mostly unused until I am able to find a replacement that better suits my style needs and fills the necessary niche. Then, I am able to let go of the older piece knowing that it is not leaving a void in my wardrobe, that something newer and better is replacing that spot.

At this point in my style journey I am finding myself gravitating towards looser silhouettes and easy, non-fussy pieces that still have something special to them. A good mix of color and neutrals, prints and solids is essential and has been at the front of my mind as I add items to my shopping list lately. I'm finding myself becoming pickier about what I like and don't like, steering away from fussy statement pieces in favor of still unique styles that I can wear on repeat. I find that I am not wearing the shorter skirts as much as I used to, and favoring work-appropriate lengths instead -- they are just more comfortable to move around in. Pieces I can style dressier and also casually get the most use, especially if they are acceptable in the office. 

Before I buy anything I check myself to make sure that the piece meets some basic requirements to ensure that it is a good investment. I look for pieces that are easy to wear without having to fuss too much with styling them to make them work, both casually and a touch dressier. Also essential is having pieces I can feel comfortable in no matter where the day takes me. This time of year I am particularly attuned to finding transitional styles for all types of weather that don't limit me to summer (like gauzy fabrics and bright summery prints) or winter (like thick knit dresses, and dark moody colors). Finding in-between styles can be tricker than it sounds, but recently I found a few transitional spring items that I am really excited about, once the weather gets above 50 again. 

My recent purchases include a loose flowy dress in a subtle black and white print, a simple chambray skirt with practical pockets and a trendy frayed hem, and a loose cozy sweater in a fresh shade of pink. All of these finds were under $45 (two were on sale) and I know that they will get lots of wear this season. With a few new pieces like this to freshen up my wardrobe for spring I also feel better about letting go of some of the items I'd only kept around to fill the gaps in my wardrobe needs. On my wish list still are casual tops with a touch of class to them, like a subtly printed bell sleeve top in a structured fabric. These new items are all on trend without being fussy, with only subtle details that make them unique so that they are special and truly "me" and yet can still be worn regularly and comfortably in new ways. What could be better than that.

Check out my poshmark page (user name ccnoordsy) to see what I'm getting rid of with this spring closet evaluation! Whether it's because a piece doesn't fit me how I'd like, has outgrown my needs, or simply doesn't work with my style anymore, there are over 50 mint-condition available listings to shop! 

xoxo, CC

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