Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers

As usual, April has been a rainy and cool month, but the flowers are already starting to creep up! Snowdrops, always the first to bloom, have been in my backyard for a few weeks now (they are featured in the last photo below), but just this week I started to see a few daffodils and other varieties flowering near my work! Its a magical time of year when everything begins to come to life. 

This outfit got really busy really quickly with all of the prints going on, but as I have learned, rain boots go with everything. They don't have to match. They're not meant to match, in the traditional sense. Rain boots are an 'occasional' item so they can be thrown on with any outfit to keep your feet dry. I usually try to keep in mind that mine happen to be kind of busy, and at least attempt coordinate my prints. I bought these boots in France during my college semester abroad a few years ago, and the newspaper print reflects my love for words. I have always had an eye out for newspaper print items, though I find it slightly funny that the boots are printed in English when I found them over in France! By coincidence the jewelry I happened to put on with this outfit is from France as well. The little pearl on the charm necklace says "Paris" on it, which I thought was a cute souvenir. 

As you can probably tell, it was not actually raining when I took these photos (I would't want to ruin my camera, people!) and I even got a few brief moments of sun. But sure enough it is outright pouring again as I am typing this… I am hoping the rain will give way to more blooming flowers soon now that May is here!

Happy May Day everyone!

Dress: Isle Of You Boutique, similar, similar. Tights: Gap (old), similar. Sweater: Eileen Fischer at Garnet Hill, $23 similar version. Boots: purchased in France, available heresimilar. Earrings: Promod. Necklace: purchased in France. Umbrella: Target



  1. certainly hoping for a lot of flowers after all these showers... :)

  2. I love your dotted umbrella!