Thursday, May 22, 2014

Light Bulb

This super cute off-white aztec top poses one big wardrobe challenge: how do I handle the fact that it has an open back? I love that it criss-crosses in the back, and I am not afraid to show a little skin, or even a little bra, but it bothers me that the slit is just high enough that it shows my bra right where it clasps. The clasp is the "ugliest" part of a bra, and I don't really want to show that off. In the winter I have worn this shirt over a black tank top, which really makes the aztec fade pop, but in the summer I want to wear lighter colors. I have considered wearing a bandeau under it, but I wouldn't want the color to show through the thin white fabric in the front and look like a colored bra showing through. 

I saw a girl the other day wearing a criss-cross open backed sweater with chiffon layered underneath and a light bulb went off in my head! The perfect solution! I am not sure if the chiffon was attached as part of her sweater or if she layered the sweater over another top, but it looked so cute and so polished and it just made so much sense. I have a few chiffon tops that I plan to try layered under this one so that I can start wearing it again. Thank you stranger girl for providing me inspiration and solving my wardrobe problems!

I love the chiffon under an open backed top because it is flowy and semi-sheer, so it interacts with the loose open back instead of looking like you are "just trying to cover up" by clinging to your body as a tight cami would.

My other idea, so that I CAN show a little skin, is to find a bandeau/crop top/bustier that is nude in color and pretty in the back, either with lace detailing or crisscrossing straps, or even a little color in the back. I have several open-backed tops that this wish-list item would come in handy for, so if you spot one let me know! I am on the search…

Open-back top: Jack by BB Dakota, similar, similar.

Look #1: Pink silk tank: J. Crew. Wallet: Urban Outfitters, love this one. Flats: J. Crew.
Look #2: Colored jeans: Gap. Chiffon tank: Zara. Wedges: Ruche. Necklace: J. Crew Factory.


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