Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cozy at Home

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of this blog? Well, this is pretty much it: cozy clothes, curled up on the bed with my laptop as I edit photos and write, with a snack or some warm tea at hand. While many people like to sit at a desk to work, I prefer to curl up on the couch or bed where I am comfortable as I type away. Being in my colorful room also keeps me cheerful and the inspiration flowing. When I am relaxing at home I am usually sporting something casual like this leggings, teeshirt, and sweater combo. Fun socks add a little necessary color to the outfit! Cozy socks are such an essential in the winter, and I'm obsessed with how cute they usually are too!

A little story behind this adorable mug: I've always thought squirrels are cute, and my friends in college used to tease me about watching them out the window instead of doing my homework. I picked this up at chateau Vaux le Vicompte in France, whose original family coat of arms included a squirrel. The gift shop was full of adorable squirrel collectables, but I love how the print on this mug creates heart shapes with the squirrels' tails!

Sweater: Target (almost identical at UO). Hi-lo tee: Z Supply. Leggings: Garage. Socks: J. Crew (similar). Necklace: similar 1/2/3. Mug (similar 1/2/3/4)

xoxo, CC

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