Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Orange You Happy

Orange is such a happy color. That's why I love it on my nails so much this time of year, when we are officially into Spring, but not yet experiencing much warm weather. It's the perfect bright cheery color and it's a great alternative to the overused and sometimes over-girly pinks.

This shade has been on my nails for over a week now, and it really does brighten my mood to see it. For Spring I've stuck with a coral-y shade, but for summer I'll be excited to try something with more punch, like a neon orange.

What's your go-to happy color?

P.S. I've added a new tab called "Orange" above, where you can see different ways I've incorporated the color into my style!

Nails: L'Oreal "Orange You Jealous?" with kate spade spring '15 catalogue. Duvet: Urban Outfitters (1/2).

xoxo, CC


  1. Love the color! It's going to be my next nail color! ;)

    -Jennisis of Chic

  2. Pretty nail polish color!


  3. Gorgeous nail color!