Friday, April 3, 2015

Weekend Adventures

This past weekend was the last full weekend I had entirely free of work for the foreseeable future, so I spent it jam packed with fun activities. I started Saturday with delicious brunch at a newly discovered local spot called Barawine. The food there is so good, and I got to spend a few hours chatting away with college friends, including my fellow blogger girl Jennisis of Chic (check out her impeccable style!). Despite the fact that a few snowflakes started falling I decided to "dress for the weather I want" and I wore my new floral romper from Ruche!

Sunday was spent shopping along Madison Ave with two friends each on the hunt for a new bag, and we felt oh so chic to be shopping on such a well-known ritzy street! I, though, was on a no-shopping budget (thanks to these heels), but still I had fun seeing all the goodies in Kate Spade, Michael Kors, J. Crew, and various other stores along the way, eventually ending up in Bloomingdale's. That's where I spied these aptly named Furla candy bags in a rainbow of jelly colors. They're so whimsical, don't you think?

After both friends found the bag of their dreams, debated for a while, and finally took the plunge (yay!) we took a relaxing walk in Central Park on the way home. I had never seen the Central Park Zoo before, so it was fun to walk through and watch the sea lions out playing in the water. They were so cute chasing each other around and diving in and out of the water! It is still amazing to me how the park and the city can coexist so wonderfully, and the views of this juxtaposition are just lovely. So of course we snapped a few pics of the scenery as we meandered along towards home!

xoxo, CC

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  1. That weekend was definitely a fun-filled one, especially our Saturday brunch! ;)
    Thanks for the feature, dear!

    -Jennisis of Chic