Monday, August 17, 2015


The best part of summer is relaxing by the water on a sunny warm day.... So I took a few days off (again) to do just that. I hopped on the train out of NYC to visit my family in the Adirondacks, where I had four whole days of sleeping late, yummy food, and catching some sun. 

Every day had an afternoon rain shower, but we managed to sneak in an island picnic one day before the storm clouds hit. 

Raspberry wine and a boat-shaped bowl make for ideal afternoon snacking... 

If you stand still in the shallow water dozens of little minnows come up and start nibbling the dead skin off your feet. It tickles a lot but it's like a free pedicure! People pay a lot for this technique! 

Landscapes around Grandma's house... I've always loved wandering in the mossy woods and picking wild berries off the bushes.

Ice cream and waffles: two of my favorite treats that I got to enjoy on this trip. Donnelley's is famous for their homemade soft serve!

Now it's back to work in the city..!

xoxo CC

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  1. Omg Charlotte, that sounds amazing! Definitely a much needed quiet getaway! And the minnows nibbling at your feet is so cute!