Monday, November 16, 2015


Hello! I got back from my trip to California a week ago and have been taking some time to catch up, sorry I've been absent! It was fun to see the West Coast for the first time and see where my parents are going to be living now. I got to do some exploring around the Palo Alto area and spent a whole day sight seeing in San Francisco as well. 

The weather there was actually rather chilly, no warmer than NYC, so I was dressing in layers the whole trip. My pink moto jacket was a lifesaver with every outfit, and a furry vest and printed scarf were necessary layers as well. When I was packing for the trip, keeping in mind that the fall weather can be variable, I opted for a mostly neutral palette, with plenty of layers and pieces that coordinate and can mix and match without being boring! Stripes, faux fur, printed scarf, and soft colors that easily match with neutrals bring life to a small wardrobe.

We had so much delicious food the entire time, starting with my beautiful birthday cake! In the mix of yummy meals were Burmese, Cuban, Mexican, Israeli, and Vietnamese cuisines. The Palo Alto area is dotted with delicious restaurants -- my parents won't go hungry there for sure! Of all the new foods I tried, the coconut rice at Rangoon Ruby and the chicken and plantains at the Cuban place were my favorites.

On the second full day my mom and I drove up weaving-winding roads over the mountains to reach the ocean. The views were incredible along the way, including the cliffs overlooking the ocean. We parked our car near Half Moon Bay and walked a trail down to the water to stick our toes in the waves. Layering a teeshirt, flannel, and jacket allowed me to bundle up against the coastal wind, but also shed layers to catch some sun by the pool.

The next day we hopped on a train to San Francisco. We spent the majority of the day riding around the city on cable cars and exploring. The views from the top of the hill were spectacular, and we got to see a range of the city while riding the cable cars up and down the hills (much preferable to walking!). We hit a lot of the touristy spots like Fisherman's Wharf, which provides a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, as well as China Town and the Union Square area and nearby mall. The buildings lining the residential streets are so pretty with their bay windows and mostly pastel colors.

On the last day we spent the morning exploring the Stanford University campus, which is beautiful! It is dotted with courtyards and palm trees that create idyllic scenes, perfect for photographing. Everyone was zooming around on bicycles -- I really don't think I have ever seen so many bikes in one place in my life!

We ended the day with a little treat from a fancy little Patisserie, Alexander's, and I have to say this 'chocolate pillow,' as it was called, was really delicious.

I've got more fashionable  content on the way, I promise, it's just been super busy lately! So, stay tuned!

xoxo, CC

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