Monday, November 23, 2015

Frog Prince - Review

By no means would I consider myself any sort of expert when it comes to makeup: au contraire. While I have my daily makeup routine that I love (mostly BareMinerals btw) I know I still have a lot to learn. But, when I discover something new and interesting, like this Frog Prince lipstick by Lipstick Queen, I of course have to share it with my readers! 

My mom actually introduced me to this fascinating lipstick when she gifted it to me on my birthday! I had my gift waiting patiently in its wrapping for my birthday morning so I could open it before I left to catch a plane to California. It is always nice to have a little something special to mark the day even if you can't fully celebrate that day (sitting on a plane all day in my case). Anyway, I'll be honest I was a bit confused when I opened it and found a lipstick in a deep green shade. As it turns out, this intriguing lipstick goes on clear and changes automatically to your best natural lip shade. Using the pH in your skin as a guide it shifts to a shade that compliments your skin tone. I thought that was such a fun idea, not to mention totally useful! No more having to hope a shade will work on you, because you know this one will! On me it turns to a soft sheer reddish-pink, just enough punch of color while still looking natural. It is the perfect color to wear during the day or for a casual event that just needs a touch of something special. 

I love that they went with such a fun whimsical theme calling it "Frog Prince" alluding to its changing qualities and 'perfect match' characteristics, and then shaded it in a froggy green! The box is  just so cute too with a castle scene and lounging frog on the side. Overall, I am really enjoying this color as a great everyday lip shade to brighten up any look. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Lipstick: $25 at Lipstick Queen/Ulta/Nordstrom. Top: Anthropologie (1/2/3). Necklace: kate spade. Earrings: Gorjana.

xoxo CC

p.s. I've added a new tab called "Student Work" where I am sharing some of the project assignments for the Teen Vogue x Parsons classes I am taking. Check it out if you're interested to see what I'm doing! 


  1. Woah, this is so cool! How is the finish like? It it glossy, creamy, matte, etc?


  2. Woah, this is so cool! How is the finish like? It it glossy, creamy, matte, etc?


    1. It has the sort of waxy consistency of a chapstick, so I guess I would say it has a glossy finish, but not super shiny. I really love how natural the color is!