Monday, April 18, 2016


Denim, button-up, patchwork-- so many summer trends thrown into one perfect piece! I was too excited to wait for summer to wear this skirt though, so I styled it with tights and high boots for a sunny spring day. Since the skirt is high waisted I tied up a teeshirt to show a touch of skin, but stuck to black pieces so that the look didn't become too un-seasonal. Whenever I want to shorten or tighten a shirt, I like to tie a knot at the hem--it really gives a tee a different look and expands your options. The multi-wash denim of the skirt and the shiny copper buttons really make this a statement piece that only requires simple accessories. 

Skirt: H&M. Bag: H&M. Boots: Sam Edelman. Sunglasses: AJ Morgan. Necklace: J.Crew. Jacket: Tulle.
p.s. I swear that's not the line of the tights showing, it's just a shadow :)

xoxo CC