Monday, February 13, 2017

Insta Winter

Every once in a while I like to take a closer look at some of my recent instagram photos here on the blog, since a lot my my daily posts don't make it over here. This way I can also share more about each photo, whatI was up to that day and details on what I was wearing!

For instance, I would have loved to get good outfit shots of this cozy sweater and lace up choker combo, I just didn't have time! I snapped this quick mirror pic in the morning on my way out the door, because I thought the look was too fun not to share. The soft blues, whites, and beige tones of this sweater make a cloud-like pattern only enhanced by it's soft fuzzy texture. For an edgier touch that played well off the muted tones I added a DIY suede tie choker (literally just a piece of suede cord from a craft store-- no need to spend $20-40 on a choker necklace when you can make it yourself!). A pop of bright pink lipstick and natural waves pulled all the the elements together for a look that's a touch sweet, a touch spicy.

These tassel earrings are my new favorite party piece. I wore them out the other night with a white off the shoulder top and just a touch of soft pink lipstick. I love the way dangly statement earrings look with an open shoulder top, since they draw attention to the neckline and seem to fill the space your off the shoulder has created. What I love about these earrings in particular is the unique marbled detail and the way the multiple color combo somehow makes them a little less fancy so that I can pair them with a variety of outfits. Of course they will dress up the look, but I don't feel that they have to be worn with a dress, a cute tee and jeans will do. So many possibilities!

How freaking cute is this collection of Jane Austen books?! I've loved this set of cute colorful covers for a while now, and finally got them as a holiday gift this year. Not only will they look darling decorating my shelves but I know they are stories I will read over and over throughout the years. And what could possibly sound more cozy than snuggling up in a big soft sweater with your favorite books and a warm mug of tea. That sounds like a perfect winter afternoon to me.

Wearing a crop top in winter may sound a little crazy, but there are ways to make it work! On this particular night I wanted an outfit that was easy, chic, and just a tiny bit edgy... so a black cropped tee with high rise black jeans seemed the perfect match. With this combo only a hint of skin shows, and when I'm outside I bundle up in a warm down coat anyway! It was a beautiful snowy night and the whole city was gently being covered in white. These fun strings of lights really enhanced the magical mood of such a quiet snowy night.

How cute is this wool skirt! I wanted it from the moment I laid eyes on it, and patiently had to wait for the holidays to come around to see if if would be wrapped up under the tree for me. Something about the rivet details and the suede lace up on a sweet wool mini skirt creates the perfect balance of refined, edgy, and chic. I've been thinking it would be cute worn with a rusty red sweater, something chunky and loose that I could just tuck in a touch at the front. What do you think? The problem there is matching the color to the suede on the skirt, but I wouldn't worry about it being too exact as long as it's not dramatically clashing! Here, I wore the skirt with a simple black top, loose jacket, and OTK boots and really let the skirt steal the show. The gold rivets really pop against the charcoal grey wool which makes this unique skirt feel really special.

Remember those earrings I mentioned above? Well, here's one way I styled them! This gorgeous golden crushed velvet dress was my pick for New Year's Eve this year, and I dressed it up with these fun statement earrings and a bit of pink lipstick. I always love metallics for NYE and this cute little shift dress was the perfect blend of holiday shimmer with a relaxed fit for a celebratory dinner out with my family. The golden tassels on the earrings continued the metallic theme while their shimmery movement really dressed up the look. I threw on a furry coat and simple booties to complete this look for the special occasion.

Big cozy sweaters and sleek tall boots are the perfect way to keep stylishly warm all winter. This outfit is simple yet chic enough for a photo, with the glossy boots and fun accessories. I love wearing cozy sweaters all winter, especially because my office is always sooooo cold! Luckily our dress code is pretty casual, so I can wear comfy sweaters like this one to stay warm and still look stylish at work. The oversized fit is balanced out best with skinny jeans and sleek boots or chic ankle booties. I added my furry earmuffs for warmth and some glittery nail polish for a touch of fun to this neutral color scheme.

Hope you're staying warm (and chic) this winter too!

xoxo, CC

Monday, February 6, 2017

Three Years

Happy Monday!
I started this little blog three years ago this week. 
In celebration I threw on a orangy-red sweater dress and matching statement earrings. Pairing it with OTK boots and a faux fur wrap makes the outfit perfectly wintery for a 40ยบ February afternoon. 

After three years you sometimes have to revisit your motivations and evaluate what's important to put time and effort into. On a milestone like this I like to remind myself why this is important for me to keep up with. Why do I blog? Because I love clothes and I love finding different ways to style things, and I want to share that passion with others who enjoy fashion and styling. Clothing is such a fun way to express yourself, and I choose my outfit each morning based on how I feel that day and what look feels right to reflect that. I always like to pair things in new ways so my outfit is always fresh and current to my mood and not stale or repetitive. While it's always fun to have something new and exciting, lately I've been challenging myself to wear old favorites in new ways or to style unique pieces into wearable work outfits. I like being able to share my fashion adventures in this way and connect with other people who share the passion for getting dressed each day.

I haven't been posting as much the past few months as I would like to... it can be awfully hard to find time to shoot photos during the daylight, and then have time to edit them and write as well. As we are getting into the spring I will have more daylight hours to work with (yay!) and hopefully will get settled into a good work routine that will allow for me to allocate more time to a blogging schedule. I've had lots of ideas lately for posts involving other aspects of life as well, such as restaurant spotlights, "book club" posts, and home decor that I'm considering working into the rotation as well. Let's see what this next year brings!

Dress: J.Crew (similar 1/2). Boots: Sam Edelman. Faux Fur: Urban Outfitters (1/2). Earrings: J. Crew (1/2). Lip: MAC 'flamingo.

xoxo, CC