Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sometimes Backwards is Better

Happy weekend!
While I'm back in snowy cold New York, I want to share one last look from my Cali trip with you. The weather there was a bit chilly as well, so it was necessary to bundle up in cozy sweaters and jackets, like this adorable fuzzy piece I picked up on my trip. Not only is this little jacket adorably chic, but it's actually pretty warm too since it is fluffy on the outside and lined with a cozy sweatshirt material on the inside. I kept getting compliments on this piece everywhere I went! 

This cute little tee from Anthro is super trendy with it's lace up detail, and I just adore the pale blue color. But guess what? I'm actually wearing it backwards! It is meant to be worn with the lace up as a detail in the back, however I thought it looked cuter flipped around. The way the seams run vertically up the top just didn't flatter me when worn the correct direction, but when I put it on backwards the lace up detail draws the eye away from those seams making it a super cute tee! So I say who cares how it is supposed to be worn, if it works better worn your own way then do it, because sometimes backwards is better! Putting your own spin on things can make them genuinely better and more uniquely you, and it's totally trendsetter material. What do you think, would you purposely wear something backwards to get the look you like?

Top: Anthropologie, get the look: 1/2/3. Jacket: Anthropologie/very similar here. Sunglasses: Anthropologie. Lip: Marc Jacobs Beauty. Necklace: identical here. Earrings: Anthro.
Please forgive the poor quality of these photos! iPhone cameras at dusk are not the best... :(

xoxo, CC


  1. Such an adorable look! Very winter-chic. And I love the sunnies. You just look gorgeous!

    xoxo, Jennifer

  2. I like how you made the look your own--- we all need to do a little more of that!