Saturday, April 30, 2016

Subtly Smoky

Hello! I just wanted to do a quick follow up to last week's post where I talked about the Mally makeup kit that I tried out, and how much I like the eyeshadows. Somehow the photos I took then didn't show the color very well (plus I forgot to use an eyeshadow primer which probably didn't help it with lasting). So I took a few quick photos to really show the eye palette better. 

In these photos I am wearing both of the eyeshadow colors and the mascara from the kit. I forgot the lipgloss at work or I would have thrown that on too for the total look! The darker eye color is a smoky bronze that is a little deeper than I would normally wear for a daytime look (or at all really!) but by blending it with the lighter shade in the inner corners and a bit across the top it really softens up the look. I like that even though it is dark the shade looks pretty natural and not like I got punched in the eye! I feel that a lot of smoky colors just look too dramatic on me, but this one I really like.  The eyeshadows have just a touch of sparkle but nothing too crazy! I am also loving the mascara, it is dramatic and lengthening without being too clumpy. 

(and sorry for the random background with the waterbottle... the lighting was jsut really good right there lol)
xoxo, CC

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fell in Love at Zara...

Zara set 1

Zara set 1
clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

I popped into Zara the other day to look for cheap teeshirts and, for better or for worse, ended up falling in love with so many of their cute spring pieces. I rounded up my favorites here. I ended up getting a few items including this peplum top and this faux leather skirt, and I'm just waiting for my next payday to scoop up a few more pieces like this striped midi and lace up flats. I've been loving the mix of romantic boho pieces and crisp modern cuts that I've been seeing lately, and am enjoying working both styles into my spring wardrobe. What's on your radar for spring?

Zara set 2

clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

xoxo, CC

Monday, April 25, 2016

In Bloom

What's the best way to spice up a white on white look? Floral sneakers of course! I have been all about finding that balance between dressy and casual lately, by pairing pretty tops with comfy sneakers (like I did here). Adding a belt in the middle of this look ties together the dressier top and the more casual bottom half. I wore this faux leather and chiffon jacket last week as an indoor layer, but today it was finally warm enough to wear it as my outdoor jacket! I love the way it looks layered over a white chiffon top, almost as if they were a set.
The grass is green, the trees are in bloom-- spring is definitely here in the city! I wasn't originally excited about the fence in the background of these photos (I really just wanted the pretty flowering trees!), but I actually don't hate the way they came out since it adds a grittier feel to the scene that fits well with the outfit's casual meets girly vibe.

I also tried out a new makeup kit by Mally, and I really love the way the eyeshadows look! They are darker than I typically wear so I was a little apprehensive, but I ended up loving the look. It is subtly smoky so that it is still appropriate for daytime wear. The kit includes two eyeshadow sticks, a mascara, foundation, and a lip gloss. I am wearing the full kit plus a little bit of blush in these photos :) 

Top: Zara (old). Jacket: Fate. Jeans: H&M. Sneakers: Gola (similar). Belt: J. Crew. Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters. Earrings: Gorjana. Makeup: Mally 'The Good Life' kit in Fair.

xoxo, CC

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ruffle Sleeve & Stripes

How adorable is this ruffle sleeve tee?! 
I love a little extra flounce to spice up a simple striped top. It really makes this piece so much more versatile since it can transition from a casual weekend outing to workwear or a classy dinner with just a few accessories. With a statement necklace and trousers it is definitely dressy, but pairing it with ripped jeans and bright sunglasses takes it down a notch to a cute but casual everyday look. 

If you follow me on snapchat you may have seen my encounters with a local Central Park raccoon while I was out taking photos last week. Not only did I see him in the woods as I was packing up my camera, but I first saw the little guy earlier in the day perched in a tree above me as I was catching some sun in the grass by the north pond (apparently called Harlem Meer). He was attracting all kinds of attention from up in the tree and people kept stopping to watch and take pictures as he hung out in that high perch. He had the cutest little ears and eye-mask, but don't worry, I kept my distance, don't need to risk getting rabies!

Top: J. Crew (30% off currently with code TIMETOSHOP). Jeans: Sneak Peek. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. Shoes: J. Crew. Sunglasses: amazon

xoxo, CC

Monday, April 18, 2016


Denim, button-up, patchwork-- so many summer trends thrown into one perfect piece! I was too excited to wait for summer to wear this skirt though, so I styled it with tights and high boots for a sunny spring day. Since the skirt is high waisted I tied up a teeshirt to show a touch of skin, but stuck to black pieces so that the look didn't become too un-seasonal. Whenever I want to shorten or tighten a shirt, I like to tie a knot at the hem--it really gives a tee a different look and expands your options. The multi-wash denim of the skirt and the shiny copper buttons really make this a statement piece that only requires simple accessories. 

Skirt: H&M. Bag: H&M. Boots: Sam Edelman. Sunglasses: AJ Morgan. Necklace: J.Crew. Jacket: Tulle.
p.s. I swear that's not the line of the tights showing, it's just a shadow :)

xoxo CC

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fairy Tale Fashion at FIT

Rodarte spring 2007: Beauty and the Beast
Louboutin fall 2011: Beauty and the Beast 

Last week I got a chance to see the Fairy Tale Fashion exhibit at the Museum at FIT (it is closing very soon, April 16th). I heard about the exhibit not long ago and it sounded so cool so I had to go before it closed! Plus, their whole museum is free of charge! 

The exhibit showcases items that were directly inspired by fairytales or that exhibit the influence of fairytales and their motifs on fashion designers. Many fairytales use fashion as a way define or to transform their characters: think Cinderella and the glass slippers, red hooded capes ala Little Red Riding Hood, or the Mad Hatter's pocket watch. Each section of the museum was dedicated to a different fairytale and the designs that correlate with that story. 

Some of my favorite pieces from the show included this mirrored dress by Tom Ford (spring 2014). This piece was included in the show since mirrors are a commonly used motif in fairytales as a representation of vanity. The entire dress is created from bits of glass and mirror fitted together into this stunning dress. 

This gown by Jean Louis Sabaji (spring 2013) was in the mermaid section, calling to mind the end of the original Little Mermaid story where she turns to sea foam when she learns that mer-folk do not have immortal souls. The billowing grey and white train is an ethereal representation of sea foam on stormy waters. 

A charred-looking dress (by Giles Deacon) represents Cinderella in her working clothes as she cleaned her step mother's fireplaces. The singed effect on this dress is stunning in its own way while calling to mind the hard and dirty work that Cinderella did for her family. Clothing is particularly important in Cinderella's story since her character entirely transforms with a switch of dresses before she goes to the ball.

This gorgeous flowing gown by Dolce and Gabana (2012) represents Snow White and Rose Red with the print of roses for the second sister on a black and white dress of the first sister's colors. 

This display by Stacy Bendet of Alice and Olivia (fall 2014) was inspired by the tale of Snow White and was shown on a model lying in a glass coffin. The museum positioned an ominous black cloak standing over the coffin, while the dress inside is made in one of Snow White's colors, black (the others being red and white which appear in the coffin's frame and the model's pillow).

If you want a chance to see this exhibit for yourself, hurry because it closes after April 16th! But either way, I definitely recommend checking out whatever is showing at the Museum at FIT--all of their exhibits seem so interesting and now that I know it is free to go I have a feeling I will be stopping back frequently. They also currently have an exhibit on denim that I want to go back and check out when I have more time!

Dolce and Gabana fall 2014, Louis Feraud circa 1989, Manish Arora: Alice in Wonderland

Louboutin: The Wizard of Oz

Noritaka Tatehana 2010: The Wizard of Oz

Alexander McQueen 2008: The Snow Queen
Dolce and Gabana fall 2014, Comme des Garcons spring 2015: Little Red Riding Hood

Mary Katrantzou fall 2012, Giles spring 2015: Beauty and the Beast

Armani Prive fall 2007, Holly Fowler 2014 (hand painted!): The Fairies
xoxo CC

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Casual, Flirty, Everyday (& A Giveaway!)

This outfit is the perfect everyday look with a combination of casual pieces that create a cool and flirty vibe. The ruffle sleeves are flirty and fun while a statement necklace and pink frames add a feminine touch. My favorite mesh bralette is the perfect piece to wear underneath it all, while ripped jeans and stripes keep the whole look cool and casual.

Adore Me is giving away two sets of lingerie, and I wanted to share this giveaway opportunity with you! All you have to do to enter is put together a flat lay outfit featuring your favorite piece of lingerie and post it to your blog with a link to @adoreme on Instagram, and to your Instagram tagging @adoreme with the hashtag #everydaylingerie. Check out their Instagram page for inspiration! 

*Giveaway closed!*

xoxo CC

Friday, April 8, 2016

Farewell to Ruche

White Dress Summer Days

One of my favorite online shops, Ruche, has just announced they are going out of business. I am so saddened by this news! Ruche has been one of my favorite places to find girly dresses, pretty prints, and everything in between. I have deeply admired their creative and etherial photoshoots, so I am very sad to see them go.
Their closing sale is happening now with 50-90% off site-wide, and I had to share what a great sale this is despite the unhappy circumstances. Items are going fast, so this is the last chance to scoop up some adorable Ruche pieces!!

See some of my posts featuring Ruche pieces:
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...and those are just a few of my favorites!! Ruche will be dearly missed </3

Weekend Brunch Romper

xoxo CC