Monday, February 29, 2016

Mix and Match

5 Items, 4 Outfits, Under $100.

I love a good mix and match--and the other day I found a perfect set of 5 pieces from H&M that mix to create four totally different looks. As I've mentioned before, I don't like to wear an exact outfit more than once, instead trying new ways to match things. So I love that all of these pieces can mix and match with each other as well as everything else in my closet. The sweater, skirt, and bag combo goes so perfectly together it's like it was meant to be. The off white shade ties them all together seamlessly. I was amazed how much I actually loved the floral on floral look of the skirt and tank together once I tried it on. Since the prints are different sizes and they are both in a similar color scheme the look is not too crazy for me and I actually like how girly and bold it is. 

Once we start to get into a little warmer spring weather I can't wait to wear the shorts-and-sweater combo. I've always loved the way a slouchy sweater pairs with shorts or a skirt in transitional weather. And for another print mixing look the floral tank and striped shorts make a great summery match. I love that these pieces give me options to wear from now through summer! The two tone bag (a Gucci look-alike) is fun because it goes perfectly with whites without blending in entirely, and the neutral tone is totally multi-seasonal.

It's rare, especially at a store like H&M, for everything I took in the fitting room to work out, so it seemed like a sign to me that these items were a perfect set to purchase. Plus, this whole haul was under $100.00! The shorts I snagged on sale for $7, the sweater was on sale for $9.99 and the bag at full price is only $19.99 so I felt like I was getting a pretty good deal for four outfit options. Which look is your favorite? 

Ok, the sad news is I literally can't find any of these clothing pieces on, so I am linking to similar options (the bag is available online!). Check in store though, I find that their website often is not aligned with what they have in store.
Sweater, Skirt/option, Tank/option, Shorts, Bag from H&M. Boots: Sam Edelman (old). Sneakers: Keds. Necklace: Kate Spade.

xoxo, CC

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Loving Lately: "It's Still Winter" Essentials

I haven't had a lot of time for reading lately, but I love to flip through the Kate Spade All in Good Taste book when I have a few moments to read a few pages and get some inspiration. It makes me want to host a killer dinner party SO bad, but unfortunately that's not in the budget anytime soon. However, the book is full of good advice and makes a great source of inspiration. I'm taking tips from it that I can adapt for the next low-budget party my roommates and I host.

The Naked Basics eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. I had been on a long search for a good neutral eyeshadow for those days that I don't want to look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup but I still want to smooth out my eyelids and cover up any redness. This palette is just what I was looking for. With a range of shades I can create a great ombre effect if I feel like getting fancy, or just swipe one of the lighter colors across my lids when I'm in a rush. Walk of Shame and Naked 2 are my favorites for a nude look.

Sleep mask - the 40 Blinks sleep mask by Bucky. Need some beauty sleep? Me too. I'm not a city girl by nature so getting used to sleeping with street light coming in through the widows is tough. I love this sleep mask because it is comfortable to wear and provides room for your eyelashes to blink without hitting against the mask. It comes in a few cute prints and is reasonably priced, but the only downside is that you have to order a minimum of two. I use one for everyday and the other for travel, but you could also gift one to a bestie!

Coloring Books. Recently the popularity of  'grown up' coloring books has skyrocketed and it seems like everyone has one! I had to jump on that trend too, because who doesn't love to color? It is a great way to relax at the end of the day (a perfect way to unwind before bed without staring at a screen) or de-stress and let your creativity out. This is the one I have, called "Enchanted Forest"! I love how whimsical the images are, full of castles, critters, fairy homes, and toadstool-dotted landscapes.

Kusmi "Euphoria" Orange Chocolate tea. This tea is DELICIOUS! My mom and I discovered it on a trip to Montreal a few years back and have been looking for it ever since, but it is hard to find! If you're into herbal teas and interesting flavor combinations Kusmi (from Paris) has some really good options. The aroma of this orange chocolate is mouth-watering, and the taste really stands up too. Whenever it's cold in my apartment I like to warm up with a mug of tea, and this one has become one of my go-to's.

Mini wallet. While I love the aesthetic of a big zip wallet, sometimes it can feel like a lot to carry around. Recently I have been all about the convenience of a small folding wallet. It holds everything I need, fits easily in a small cross-body, and provides easy access to my metro card on my daily commute. I have this polkadot one from Kate Spade which seems to be sold out, but these are two similar options to the one I have 1/2.

What are your must-haves this winter? 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Vintage Kenzo & Bright Florals

 With NYFW just behind us and London Fashion Week all over social media, I've been thinking about was to style my more unique pieces such as this vintage wool jacket. This kimono style wool jacket has a similar effect to the recently popular capelets, since the oversized sleeves create the illusion of a blazer draped over the shoulders. By pairing the dark grey oversized fit with a bright feminine floral it creates a good balance of flowy and fun with structured accents.

I always like to pair a chunky bracelet with an oversized pattern since I think they compliment each other nicely and neither gets lost against the other. A gunmetal beaded clutch reflects the gray tone of the jacket, while my foxy phone case matches perfectly with the colors in this top!

Jacket: vintage Kenzo. Top: Anthropologie (similar options 1/2/3). Jeans: Hudson. Bag: similar. Phone case: Kate Spade. Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters. Bracelet: Ruche.

xoxo, CC

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Street Style at NYFW

I had just a little time this week to head down to Moynihan Station to catch some of the comings and goings at the NYFW events. It's always fun to see what people are wearing, and this time I even caught a lot of the runway models' street style as they exited at the end of the show. Wild hair was the name of the game for the Naeem Khan runway show, and the models left looking very windswept! 

Luckily, even amid all the necessary winter outerwear, Fashion Week goers found ways to incorporate plenty of color into their style. The weather wasn't too terribly cold so attendees were able to show off their looks with open jackets in an array of prints and furs. I myself wore the vintage coat I posted about here, with leather leggings, OTK boots, and a touch of faux fur.

For more winter style inspo check out my NYFW post from last February

xoxo CC

Monday, February 15, 2016

Chunky Sweater Layers

The weather in NYC has been so back and forth recently, bouncing between warm and cold, snowy and sunny. While last week I was able to wear a skirt with bare legs outdoors in tolerable 55 degree weather, today I am bundling up again layering with a cozy zip-detail sweater. A simple blue thermal makes a great base under itchy or open-knit sweaters and adds warmth with an appealing layered look. I could seriously wear this one every day on its own or layered because it is so comfy and fits so well! 

I added a few prints to the otherwise neutral look with the subtle leopard boots and striped clutch. What I really love about this bag is it's extreme versatility. It is both perfectly summery with its beachy stripe pattern, and equally appropriate in the winter since the colors are muted and urban.
We have experienced such a frigid weekend with negative wind chill temps so outfits like this are on repeat until the weather warms back up again...

Sweater: Anthropologie (available in pink). Thermal: Three Dots (crew neck version 25% off with code PRESDAY). Jeans: Hudson (20% off your first order!). Booties: Matisse (similar/similar). Earrings: similar. Bag: Ruche (similar 1/2). Lip: Lipstick Queen 'Frog Prince' (see my review here).

xoxo CC

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stripes and Skirts

The Little Orange Dress is now two years going! Last week was the official "blogiversary" but I am celebrating today with this dressy skirt and pink jacket look. I wore this top last week with a more casual outfit and edgier vibe by throwing a leather jacket over it, but today tucking it into a midi skirt with pink and cream tones it takes on a softer look. I love the tailored cut of this jacket and the soft pink shade, it's so romantic especially when paired with a skirt or dress. Wedge booties are the perfect addition this time of year for a dressy look while still keeping your toes covered! A neutral and pretty palette is both festive and wintery for celebrating two years of the blog this February.

Coat: Jessica Simpson (1/2). Top: Ruche (similar). Skirt: available here, also similar. Booties: DV. Bag: similar. Sunnies: Urban Outfitters. Necklace: J. Crew (old, similar).

xoxo, CC