Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Make A Statement

I love a good sparkly statement necklace and the way it can dress up even a simple outfit. I fell in love with this necklace the moment I saw it because of its bold fun floral and pretty cool colors. I have paired it with a few simple outfits since the jewels are so bold. I love the way the necklace fits perfectly with the neckline of this oversized v-neck sweater, and on a cool day in early April it added just the perfect amount of girly floral to a comfortable outfit for work. Also, how great of a find was this Rebecca Minkoff clutch at TJ Maxx?!! Score! 

I couldn't wait to break out this purple-multi skirt (below) as soon as the weather got warm enough--it is a favorite of mine, and the colors in the skirt spoke to the colors of this necklace so perfectly that I had to pair them together. Again navy was a primary unifying color since it lets the necklace pop, but I added some preppy purple too, for fun. I also can't wait to wear it with colors that will accentuate the orange and pink in the necklace. Perhaps this summer you will see some photos with that combination :) 

Outfit #1: Sweater: Gap. Jeans: Hudson. Booties: purchased in France. Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff (similar) via TJ Maxx.
Outfit #2: Top: Three Dots, similar. Skirt: J. Crew Factory, similar. Shoes, J. Crew, similar. Bag: Ruche

xoxo, C.C.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

All Things Green

The peepers have finally started peeping! That means Spring is officially here to stay, and Summer is on the way. The peepers make such a racket, especially at night, but it is a sweet, sweet noise to hear because it means the weather is warm! Hearing frogs all night is a sound that I grew up with, since we have some wetland in our backyard, and, when we spend time in the Adirondacks we are right near a pond full of the noisy critters. I love to hear it, the background noise can be so soothing. 

In honor of the frogs, the just-sprouting grass, and all things green, I painted my nails in this lovely shade. Pastel colors are the trendy palette for this spring, so I went with a light minty green. (You might have noticed in my last post that my toenails are a pastel lavender). We had a bowlful of green m&m's out for Easter that I thought matched nicely with my nails, and since I was eating them by the handful anyway…I thought I'd snap a few pictures. Voila! 

Nail color: Sephora by OPI "Read My Palm" (discontinued), similar "High Frequency." 

How perfectly do these nail colors match my new earrings?! I saw them next to each other on my dresser and had to capture the moment :) 
Earrings: Pretty Pony Boutique. Butter London "Slapper"


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Days Go By

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… I've been so busy recently that the days are going by too quickly and I feel like I haven't had time to get anything done! I finally had a day off today and it felt so good to be able to slow down and wear something casual.

I wore this to brunch with a friend this morning, and then we walked about town after our delicious meal of pancakes and eggs. I'll be honest, I didn't wear the wedges to brunch (I just didn't feel like being a towering giant at 10:30 am) but I thought they looked really cute with this outfit and helped polish it. I am often wary of wearing graphic tees because they are so casual and often boyish and youthful. I got rid of pretty much all of the graphic tees that I wore through high school, but I've been seeing the bloggers I follow dressing up cool tees in feminine ways, and I wanted to try it! This teeshirt really spoke to me when I saw it, since I took French through college, but also since I've been feeling a bit like all the days are all blending together and rushing by! 

I have been pairing everything with these pink jeans recently. They were a steal last summer at $20, and I have more than gotten my money's worth out of them. This week alone I have worn them three times… You might say I'm obsessed. I just love colored jeans in the spring because they can make my outfit bright and cheerful but still keep me covered when it is cool or rainy.

Tee: J. Crew. Jeans: Urban Outfitters, similar, similar. Wedges: Ruche. Bag: Ruche. Sunglasses: Ruche. Necklace: Dogeared. Bracelets: Kate Spade, Zulu Grass.

xoxo, C.C.

Friday, April 18, 2014

My Top Picks: ModCloth

Polkadots and orange…what's not to love?! 

When I discovered ModCloth about four years ago I became an avid fan and I used to visit their site almost every day… I had a running "love list" of over 100 items at a time, and I loved to browse through their new arrivals. For some reason in the past year or so I have let my ModCloth habits slide a bit, so today I decided to spruce up my love list, since it was looking pretty empty. In the matter of one hour I managed to add about 45 stellar items to my list, and I thought I would share some of my favorites. Since ModCloth now carries so much inventory it can take a bit of picking and choosing to find the right pieces for your style. The items I am sharing with you today are all great for spring now that it's warming up and dresses are making their yearly come-back (notice how I picked so many dresses! I guess I'm a little bit excited that I can start wearing them now).

The nautical feel of this dress combined with the lacy floral skirt is enough to make me want to click the Add to Cart button right now… With a few dainty accessories (I'm picturing light blue jewels and a cross-body bag) this dress would be so cute for lunch by the lake.

The neutral color-blocking on this structured tote has me charmed, for any season.

Lemonade yellow wedges are so fun for spring and summer! And they're by one of my favorite fun shoe designers, Poetic License. These would be so cute with a swingy skirt and a glass of lemonade!

Add a matching blue belt, and this dress is heavenly on a hot afternoon. I love the combination of the robin's egg blues with the coral colors in this print.

Isn't this dress fun!! I just love the bright oversize floral. Something abut this dress is just energizing--with a light cardigan and neutral sandals it could really brighten up a breezy spring day.

This pastel blue is such a great spring color. I love wearing flats this time of year with dresses or with jeans.

I couldn't resist putting together an Easter inspired outfit with these adorable and whimsical Irregular Choice bunny shoes. I went with a whimsical pastel theme, combining a pearl embellished periwinkle top and a polkadotted chambray skirt with these Spring holiday-appropriate wedges. Add a light sweater or jacket to top it all off! 

Easter 2014: ModCloth inspired

*All images via ModCloth*

xoxo, C.C.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Up, and Down

This time of year is so exciting to me, as things begin to turn green again, the first flowers are struggling to push up through the muddy ground, and we get to start wearing colored jeans on the regular! 

After years of avoiding jeans at the Gap with memories of unflattering fits from high school on my mind, I decided to try on these mint colored jeans at the Gap last summer. I had been searching for jeans in precisely this color at a reasonable price and a comfortable fit, and was having a hard time finding a pair that checked all three boxes. Until I put these on. They fit so well, I was amazed and impressed. Now they are a favorite in my closet!! I love to wear them this time of year since they are so bright and cheery and reminiscent of the summer colors, both in nature and fashion, that we are about to see!

These photos are from two outfits I wore recently with my mint colored pants. Since the weather has been so up and down lately (imagine: 80 on Monday and back to 35 today…what is Mother Nature doing??) I have one outfit paired with a long sleeve sweater, and one with a teeshirt and Sperrys. Colored jeans are such a great transition piece--they work just as well in the fall as in the spring--since they are fun and colorful, but match well with basics and neutrals, and since long pants are best for questionable weather. What's your favorite color of jeans to wear for spring?

Also, I just wanted to mention how super duper excited I am that one of my looks was featured on the Ruche blog!! Thanks Ruche! I love their style files posts because I always find new fabulous bloggers with adorable style to follow.

Mint jeans: Gap. Sweater: Gap, similar. Booties: Ralph Lauren via TJ Maxx. Sunglasses: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx. Teeshirt: Bobi, similar here, here. Necklace: J. Crew, similar. Sperry's

xoxo, C.C.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Owl Excursions

Something you should probably know about me is that I'm obsessed with owls. The owl print on this green ruffled top won me over instantly. I wore this outfit on a lunch date this week (table-side guacamole anyone?) and to do a little shopping at TJ Maxx. That place gets me every time…even if I go in there telling myself I'm not allowed to spend money I always end up buying at least one thing. New shoes? Of course. Stationary and storage boxes? How can I resist.

This owl print top feels a bit youthful so I always try to offset it with classic feminine pieces such as this fitted white cardigan and caramel colored high heeled booties. Cool shades and an optimistic attitude pull it all together. 

Top: Charlotte Russe, similar here, here, here (I keep seeing this print everywhere). Sweater: unknown. Jeans: Delia's. Booties: Ralph Lauren via TJ Maxx. Sunglasses: Ruche.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Skirt Season

Just a few quick photos on the go today with my iPhone… It was warm enough to wear a skirt today, although with many other layers including tights, a chambray button down, and a scarf. To walk outside a light jacket was necessary, but I am finally free of my winter coat!! Hooray, spring is in the air! I am so excited to start wearing skirts and dresses regularly now that the temperature is a little more forgiving.

I was a little hesitant about wearing a white skirt with dark tights, but by wearing tall boots and adding another dark color on top with the scarf, and since the tights were patterned, it felt balanced and acceptable. What do you think? The skirt is kind of a winter white and it is wool so I deemed it appropriate to wear with dark wintery accents, as well as the sunny pop of pink of the cami peeping out. 

I saw people wearing tee shirts and flip flops again today, and we left our door open for a while at work, but it did get rather chilly with the door open! As tempting as it is to break out the flip flops I'd rather stay warm! I did see one day next week forecast for 70 degrees though… I am hoping the weatherman is right about that one! 

Skirt: J. Crew Factory, similar here, here. Cami: J. Crew. Chambray: Rails, similar at UO. Scarf: Coco, similar here. Jacket: Tulle, options here. Textured tights: similar here, here. Earrings: JoJo Loves You. Bracelet: Bella and Jack via TJ Maxx. Bag: Ruche. Sunglasses: Ruche. iPhone case: Lilly Pulitzer. Nails: OPI "Ate Berries in the Cannaries"

xoxo, C.C.