Monday, March 5, 2018

Transitional Inspiration

Transitional Inspiration

Transitional Inspiration by ccnoordsy
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Whenever the seasons start to change I get that itch to go shopping, to update my wardrobe just a bit for the new weather and new trends. Here are a few fun items I've come across on my window shopping rounds recently that stood out as fun and stylish pieces for the transitional period between winter and spring that we are experiencing now. With the official first day of spring a few weeks away on March 20th we may still see some cool temps and even a bit more snow here in NYC, and I'm sure many other regions are expecting the same! So while florals and tees are enticing, we have to dress realistically in traditional pieces for the time being - which means a great balance of colorful shades and thick textured fabrics.

Cozy faux furs, sturdy booties and long sleeve tops keep your style seasonal while pastel shades, elegant floral prints and playful accessories ensure that spring is on the mind as the days start to get a little longer and sunnier. The playful pastels are balanced by deep shades of black, teal and mauve. Wintery chenille and brocade are balanced out by summery tassels, pops of pink, and floral prints. A good mix of spring-ready pastel colors and luxe wintery fabrics is a great way to transverse the two seasons in the transitional months like March.
Any of these items spark your shopping interest? Take a guess at which ones I'm adding to my wardrobe!

xoxo, CC