Friday, May 9, 2014

Ditsy Floral

I've always wondered why we call floral prints 'ditsy' since ditsy is a word often used to describe a girl who's got her head in the clouds. uses the word "flighty" which I think is a great synonym to capture the meaning of the word ditsy--but what does that have to do with floral prints?

When I googled my question I found this definition of a ditsy print: "A ditsy print is quite small in scale, and the design motifs are usually scattered or random rather than being ordered in a definable pattern like rows or stripes."Apparently it doesn't have to be floral, although that seems to be its most frequent form. So maybe the dress I'm wearing here isn't actually a ditsy print (I don't know, is the print small enough or random enough?) but it did get me thinking about what a ditsy floral is and what that description even means.

My floral dress probably makes me look like a ditsy girl too with its short skirt and ruffle at the neckline, but it was one of those 'I can't leave without it' items on a shopping trip a few years ago in college. Adding pale neutrals and a delicate necklace creates a very girly yet thoughtful ensemble. As you may have noticed, this dress is quite short on me, so I only wear it in the spring and fall when the air is cool enough to wear it with tights or leggings. These cute little cut-out booties are just perfect with a casual dress, and I'm so glad its finally dress weather so I can wear this combination. 

Dress: Isle of You Boutique, similar, similar, similar. Cardigan: Eileen Fischer at Garnet Hill. Belt: B-Low The Belt. Booties: Dolce Vita. Tights: Hue via TJ Maxx. Necklace: Dogeared. Bag: Ruche. Nails: Butter London, "Slapper."

Somebody refused to get out of my way…she just really wanted to be in the pictures.

xo, C.C.

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