Monday, March 3, 2014

Inspired to Bead

This week we got a new line of bracelets in at the store I work at, called Chavez for Charity. These charming beaded bracelets send money to different charities based on which color bracelet you buy. When I saw them I thought, “I could make these!” and it inspired me to start making bracelets myself again. I still have a ton of supplies from when I was in middle school and I liked to spend my days making dozens  upon dozens of beaded necklaces and bracelets that I attempted to sell at a local craft fair (I didn’t sell very many at all!).

Once I got my beads out inspiration took off and I spent several hours making bracelets on elastic using beads from my youth and also pieces from old jewelry I took apart. It felt so good to be back at it and let my creativity flow into a crafty project! And I have to say I am pretty excited about some of the results. I’ve even had a few requests to make some for friends and family.

I had been staying away from wearing beaded jewelry recently, because of the laid back homemade look, and sticking to bold bangles, leather bracelets, and my trusty pearls, but something about these was just too fun to pass up on. They have a great summery, easy, bohemian feel to them that is calling to me as I am anticipating spring (and potentially a warm weather vacation…!). Layering several of these bracelets will add a little casual sparkle to a simple maxi dress, or some color to a breezy white top with jeans. I have been wearing my new creations all week, and I am hoping to get even more use out of them as the weather (slowly) begins to warm up in the coming months. 

Above left: Chavez for Charity display. Above right: other bracelets that inspired me.

Nails: Covergirl Outlast, "vio-last."


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