Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Brief Respite

After a long and especially cold winter, a week in the sun was a much needed break!

Many people may be surprised by the fact that there is still well over a foot of snow where I live, that most days in March don't get over 40 degrees, and that as 'hardy' New Englanders we know not to expect any major changes for the warmer for at least another month! For all of those reasons I needed a change from the cold and snow, so I took a trip to Florida with a good friend to soak up a little sun and warm weather. And boy, was in worth it! It was very windy while we were there, but just being able to walk barefoot on the beach, read by the pool, and wear shorts and dresses that haven't left my closet since September felt so good. I couldn't wait to wear my pink crop jeans and this sassy little daisy print top. I'll admit, I jumped on that trend train for spring, and I even noticed a few other girls in Daytona Beach wearing daisy prints too! 

Traveling between climates always poses a challenge when you are trying to pack light. I opted to wear as many pieces as I could re-wear in Florida, such as light wash jeans, a cute t-shirt, and a chambray button down. I also had to layer on a light jacket, scarf, and sneakers to stay somewhat warm getting to and from the airport. Trying to look fashionable while traveling can be quite a challenge especially when all you want is to be comfortable and warm. Layering basics with cute pops of color or pattern is a good rule to follow, which I tried to do here. This chambray shirt goes with literally everything (I can't believe I've been missing out on this basic for so long!) and I even took the style risk of wearing it with jeans… what do you think, did I pull it off? 

Look #1: Floral print top: Garage. Pink jeans: Joe's Jeans, similar. Denim Jacket: Gap, similar. Sandals: Sam Edelman, Gigi. Bag: TJ Maxx. Sunglasses: Ruche.
Look #2: Chambray shirt: Rails. Scarf: Yarnz, similar here, here. T-shirt: Ruche. Jeans: H&M. Sneakers: Gola via ModCloth, similar. Bag: Ruche

Just a casual game of Harry Potter Uno at the hotel after dinner :)


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