Thursday, July 17, 2014

White Hot

You know those days when it's 90 degrees, humid, and too hot to wear anything black? We've had a bunch of those lately, and this outfit is the perfect solution to beat the heat. Granted I wouldn't wear a long sleeve outdoors in that heat for any period of time, but this airy blouse is perfect in the evening as the sun is getting low but the heat still lingers. Wearing all light colors keeps you cooler, and also has a distinct summery feel to it. I wouldn't be brave enough to wear all bright white as has been trending this summer, but mixing shades of white with beige and black and bright gold jewelry keeps the palette varied but light. 

I've been on a bit of a Kate Spade kick recently. We sell her products where I work, and the style is both classic, bold, and girly all at the same time. You may have noticed that I wear these earrings (in this color and the bright coral) a LOT, I may be a little obsessed but they really go with everything. So, naturally I just bought them in another color today, a beautiful iridescent that I'm sure you'll be seeing me wear soon. 

Top: Ruche (similar, similar). Shorts: J. Crew. Bag: Kate Spade (on sale!). Sandals: J. Crew. Bracelets: Ruche and J. Crew Factory. Necklaces: Dogeared and Kate Spade. Earrings: Kate Spade.

xoxo, CC

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