Thursday, July 23, 2015

Loving Lately: Summer Must-Haves

It is HOT HOT HOT in the city mid-July, but my recent faves have been getting me through the heatwave with a cheerful summery spirit! 

Kate Spade phone cases. How adorable is the new collection of phone cases?!! I'm thinking I'm going to need to snag this watermelon one for myself.... I have been on the hunt for a new case for quite some time now...
Talenti Double Dark Chocolate Gelato. When you're craving something richly chocolatey (and when am I not?) this is the way to go. I am an ice cream person year-round, but I figured this deserves an extra shout out in the summertime. The texture is perfectly creamy with delicious crunchy chocolate bits all throughout. I often keep this on hand for when I need a little ice cream/gelato at home, but I also recently discovered the ice cream shop Emack and Bolio's, which makes all their own flavors! Their location on the Upper West Side is perfect for popping into after work for a sweet treat!

Tumbler: for toting a nicely chilled iced coffee or lemonade to work. When it's this hot you really do need something icy to cool down. A cute insulated tumbler just makes it that much better. 

Hot pink blush. I use Bare Minerals Cheek Tart in "Charm" which is sadly no longer available, although I did spy some for sale on eBay. Though it is shockingly bright in the container it goes on plenty sheer for a natural flushed look, perfect for summertime. Don't believe me? I'm wearing this blush in most of my photos on the blog!

Hands-free bags. You've probably noticed this fringe bag on repeat, and I've also just added a lavender beauty to the collection, but a cute hands-free bag is a necessity for me in the summer. Not only do I not want to be weighed down with big totes full of stuff, but I need an extra hand for that cute tumbler filled with homemade iced coffee...

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xoxo, CC 

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