Thursday, November 19, 2015

New England Fall

Fall in New England is beautiful with all the changing leaves creating bursts of color. I've discovered some old photos I took before moving to the city, that still speak to things I think are important for fall styling! For instance, I've talked for years about how blush pink is an unexpectedly perfect fall color, and I've really been wearing a lot of it this season. 

These photos were taken in the earlier stages of fall when the sky was a bright blue and plenty of greenery still remained. The colors of the natural fall landscape are the perfect inspiration for fall fashion color palettes. Taking my favorite blush pink as a starting point and adding gold and orange tones drawn from the foliage and blues inspired by the crisp sky create a balanced and seasonal outfit. Neutral clothing choices, like a pale pink base, allow for more experimenting in the accessories, and here I wanted to focus on how the accessories I chose were drawn from the colors in the natural landscape. Even the leaf shaped earrings tie in perfectly with a fall theme. We all draw inspiration from our surroundings and I think it is fun to expose that by photographing fashion and landscape side by side. 

While I am often known to complain about the cold and short days in the fall, it truly can be beautiful while the leaves change. Fall in New England is something I will surely miss when my parents fully move to California and I won't be visiting my "home state" so much anymore...

Skirt: H&M (love these 1/2/3/4). Jewelry: Vintage. Shoes: Matiko (similar 1/2). Nails: Sephora by OPI "Let's Plie" (discontinued, similar here, here).

xoxo, CC


  1. Omg, Charlotte, these photos are stunning!

    1. Thank you!! I took these so long ago when I actually remembered some of the things i learned in my photography class haha