Monday, June 13, 2016

Skull Life

How cute are these tiny skull earrings?! I first got into skulls because they are one the symbols of my sorority, but I've become even more obsessed with them recently since I found these perfectly delicate little pieces of jewelry. I've had the bracelet (below) for a while now, but I just added these darling tiny skull earrings to my collection. I like when skulls are incorporated into a more delicate or feminine style so that they are not too intense. Lately my style has been all about the balance between sweet & girly, fierce & urban, so these fit perfectly into that dichotomy. 

While skulls can be seen as a symbol of death, I like to think of it as a symbol of humanity and human intellect (and therefore life). While the skull is not exposed until after death, it's main purpose is to ensure life. In that sense I like to take something often seen as dark and mysterious and rework it into a context of thriving, effervescent life. Take that skull and stick a pink bow in it's non-existent hair! (in spirit--I actually find that motif kind of tacky).

I mostly wear gold these days, so I realized that I don't have many necklaces that go with these silver earrings. While I often mix silver and gold on my hands and wrists (I usually wear silver on my left and gold on my right), I prefer to have my earrings and necklace coordinated since they sit so close together on the body. Part of the beauty of these tiny skulls is their simplicity, so perhaps I will just wear them sans necklaces at all!


xoxo, CC


  1. Cool earrings and bracelet!

  2. I like your interpretation of the symbolism of skulls. And... those are really sweet and teeny!

    1. Yes, I like skulls a lot better when they represent something positive and happy! I first got the idea from Chi O actually

  3. those skulls are so cute and delicate! :)

    Metallic Paws

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