Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trendspotter: Chokers

As you have probably noticed by now, choker necklaces have made a big style come-back recently! When the choker trend first re-emerged last year I was skeptical. It brought back serious memories of my elementary school days and the rainbow stretchy chokers that were so popular back then. But, like most trends, I just had to find the right fit for my personal style, and now I'm totally on board. By now chokers are a huge style favorite seen on all the top bloggers and stylists as well as trendy girls everywhere!

My first choker purchase was this bold collar-style necklace (which I styled 3 ways here) which adds an edgy yet whimsical touch to a modern outfit. From there I tried out more delicate chokers, which have become my go-to pieces to keep my outfits on trend. From a simple gold chain with tiny rhinestones, to a double layer chain and cord (which I wore herehere and here), these style are delicate options that provide just a touch of edgy to your look. I also got one with a small round charm engraved with my initial "c" which I love because it is simple and delicate, and it is also adjustable to sit on my collar bone rather than being tight on my neck. 

I also like that I can layer with chokers and add another longer necklace to the mix as well. Below, I've found a few photos of some of my favorite looks for inspiration styling a choker necklace. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg, with more 90's trends recirculating into the fashion world in upcoming seasons, as seen at the recent New York and London Fashion Weeks. We are already seeing the return of velvet and velour styles on shelves, as well as throwbacks like embroidered jeans.
Are you a fan of 90's trends returning?

Check out some of my favorite bloggers and celebs rocking chokers:

Gigi Hadid. Image from instagram @ladyshadybo

xoxo, CC

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