Thursday, November 10, 2016

Travel Diary; Milano in the Rain

Our last day in Milan was spent exploring the city in the rain. We started with a stroll through the Indro Montanelli park which contains several beautiful buildings including a museum, and this picturesque yellow villa. The foliage in the park was really gorgeous, and the rain intensified the colors since the leaves shone with droplets. After a pizza/pasta lunch during which we tried to warm up a bit we wandered around via Monte Napoleone and the surrounding shopping area where many designer storefronts are located. Many of the streets around this area were narrow cobblestone streets lined with high end stores which made for a charming scene. It was kind of fun to see all the window displays, and I particularly loved the Dolce & Gabbana windows which followed a fairytale theme. The brand had several stores in the vicinity (mens, women's, kids, and two accessories stores were all separate) yet all of the stores continued the same theme incorporating elements from fairytales such as sleeping beauty and snow white in the displays. 

I wore this scalloped hem sweater from COS with my glitter sneakers and a vintage neck scarf for a casual but cool look with modern and vintage touches. I tied the scarf differently from when I wore it earlier on the trip, opting for a looser tie and more of a sailor vibe which also shows off the scarf's colors more. Even a simple jeans and navy sweater combo can be fun and girly with the addition of details like the scalloped hemline and accessories like the vintage-inspired scarf, glittery footwear and dainty choker necklace. Even simple doesn't have to be boring!

After our day of exploring, we headed back to the apartment to warm up for a bit before heading out again to a nice dinner. Then it was early to bed so we could be up before dawn to catch our flights back to the US!

Sweater: COS. Jeans: 7FAM. Scarf: vintage. Sneakers: Lipsy London via Asos 1/2. Necklace: similar. Earrings: Gorjana. Jacket: Tulle. Umbrella: Flying Tiger.

A villa in the park

Window shopping - check out these sneakers!

A Dolce & Gabbana window display

An adorable narrow street with Italian flags flying

xoxo, CC


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  2. Milan looks beautiful even in the rain! Window shopping is always so much fun!