Monday, April 4, 2016

Denim for Days...

After several years of lots of wear and love, three of my favorite pairs of designer jeans gave out this winter. After mourning their demise and a desperate attempt to patch them (which helped until I had to wash them again) it was time for some new jeans. So, I took my tax return money denim shopping last week. 

Since I had a limited budget and needed at least 2-3 new pairs I decided to invest in several pairs of inexpensive jeans instead of splurging on one nice pair. Four for the price of one--plus a pair of shorts and a skirt--can't argue with that!! Especially since even the lower-end brands are starting to catch up with designer denim technology, so I was actually pretty impressed with the jeans they had to offer. Remember my Denim Guide posts? I featured both Gap and H&M jeans as affordable options to try, and now I'm back with updates! 

On the first stop of my shopping excursion I ended up with one pair of the legging jean from Gap Factory in a nice medium-dark wash. They are fairly stretchy and super skinny, but the one thing I didn't love about the Gap jeans was the stitching on the pockets--I would have gotten a dark denim pair too if the stitching didn't stand out so much, but as it was I ended up only getting the medium wash pair. I also got a second pair of  my favorite boyfriend shorts in a light wash with distressing which I am so excited about for the summer. 

After that successful purchase I decided to stop in H&M and see if anything caught my eye, but I really wasn't expecting to be impressed with their denim quality. I have one pair of jeans from H&M that I wear all the time, but I am always wary of the quality and sizing there. I was surprised to find that their jeans were actually fitting me really well, and for the price I couldn't say no. I got two pairs of their Skinny Super Stretch jeans, one in a dark wash and one in grey with rips, each under $30. I always prefer super stretchy jeans since they are easier to move in and incredibly comfortable. So, I also got a pair of super skinny shaping jeans which have a ton of stretch and are really flattering. I rounded out my denim excursion with a patchwork denim skirt which I can't wait to style with crop tops and sandals for summer.  

Which pair am I most impressed with? The H&M shaping jeans from their &Denim line. These cost a bit more than any of the other pairs I bought, and I am always hesitant to spend $50 on any item from H&M since their quality is sometimes not great, but I decided these were worth the price. They are incredibly stretchy, which I love, and fit snug and skinny while still being amazingly comfortable. I got them in a dark wash with a mid rise waist, and I have a feeling these are going to be a new favorite. Let's see how they hold up now :)

Now that I have a revamped denim wardrobe (ok, ok, I might have gone a little overboard with the denim lol) I should be all set of a while! These are all staple pieces that I will wear over the summer with sandals and tanks, and I know for sure will get a ton of use all fall and winter. All of the pairs that I got are mid rise and super skinny and they are all long enough on me too! The super stretch jeans from H&M definitely run the longest, while the other pairs hit just above the ankle bone on me. It is nice to have several pairs to rotate through if you are a jeans-every-day kind of girl. 

A note about shopping these brands: I always go down a size or even two at the Gap, so I ended up getting 28s in both the jeans and shorts. At H&M I always go up a size or two, and ended up with a size 10 and 12 in the super stretch jeans, and a 30/32 in the shaping jeans.

xoxo, CC