Thursday, April 24, 2014

All Things Green

The peepers have finally started peeping! That means Spring is officially here to stay, and Summer is on the way. The peepers make such a racket, especially at night, but it is a sweet, sweet noise to hear because it means the weather is warm! Hearing frogs all night is a sound that I grew up with, since we have some wetland in our backyard, and, when we spend time in the Adirondacks we are right near a pond full of the noisy critters. I love to hear it, the background noise can be so soothing. 

In honor of the frogs, the just-sprouting grass, and all things green, I painted my nails in this lovely shade. Pastel colors are the trendy palette for this spring, so I went with a light minty green. (You might have noticed in my last post that my toenails are a pastel lavender). We had a bowlful of green m&m's out for Easter that I thought matched nicely with my nails, and since I was eating them by the handful anyway…I thought I'd snap a few pictures. Voila! 

Nail color: Sephora by OPI "Read My Palm" (discontinued), similar "High Frequency." 

How perfectly do these nail colors match my new earrings?! I saw them next to each other on my dresser and had to capture the moment :) 
Earrings: Pretty Pony Boutique. Butter London "Slapper"


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