Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Days Go By

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… I've been so busy recently that the days are going by too quickly and I feel like I haven't had time to get anything done! I finally had a day off today and it felt so good to be able to slow down and wear something casual.

I wore this to brunch with a friend this morning, and then we walked about town after our delicious meal of pancakes and eggs. I'll be honest, I didn't wear the wedges to brunch (I just didn't feel like being a towering giant at 10:30 am) but I thought they looked really cute with this outfit and helped polish it. I am often wary of wearing graphic tees because they are so casual and often boyish and youthful. I got rid of pretty much all of the graphic tees that I wore through high school, but I've been seeing the bloggers I follow dressing up cool tees in feminine ways, and I wanted to try it! This teeshirt really spoke to me when I saw it, since I took French through college, but also since I've been feeling a bit like all the days are all blending together and rushing by! 

I have been pairing everything with these pink jeans recently. They were a steal last summer at $20, and I have more than gotten my money's worth out of them. This week alone I have worn them three times… You might say I'm obsessed. I just love colored jeans in the spring because they can make my outfit bright and cheerful but still keep me covered when it is cool or rainy.

Tee: J. Crew. Jeans: Urban Outfitters, similar, similar. Wedges: Ruche. Bag: Ruche. Sunglasses: Ruche. Necklace: Dogeared. Bracelets: Kate Spade, Zulu Grass.

xoxo, C.C.

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