Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Casual

Just a quick post with an outfit I wore this weekend to the movies and brunch for my friend Jennesis Of Chic's birthday. We went to see Me Before You, which I though was pretty good, but a total tear jerker! I loved the way they used fashion as a defining characteristic for Louise, and that my all-time favorite Irregular Choice shoes were her signature look! I read somewhere that once they decided on Irregular Choice shoes that the rest of her quirky style just came together around that. I've been a fan of the brand since I was in high school and I own one pair of fun gingham wedges with a metallic snakeskin wedge (that somehow still haven't made an appearance on the blog! Need to change that!) so it was exciting to see them featured in a main-stream movie like that. They even had some cool shots of her shoes throughout the movie which I loved!  

This time though, I kept my own outfit pretty simple, re-wearing this pale chambray dress last seen here with lace up shoes and pink accessories. I added a few details like a gold choker necklace and vintage leaf earrings to complete an easy and modern feel. It was an absolutely beautiful day out so I walked up the East Side on my way home to catch a little sun. These shoes are pretty comfy I have to say, but I was dying by the time I'd walked about 30 blocks up the park! 

Dress: Gap (similar 1/2). Bag: French Connection. Shoes: Steve Madden via DSW. Sunglasses: AJ Morgan. Bracelets: J Crew and H&M. Bar necklace: similar. Choker necklace: similar.

xoxo, CC


  1. Love these photos! And I love how you picked up on the Irregular Choice shoes throughout the movie, I've never heard/seen them before (or if I had I didn't know the brand lol).

    Also, I may just copy you and buy these shoes, they're so cute and perfect for the summer. Thanks for coming!

    xoxo Jennesis of Chic

    1. You should totally get them, they're so comfy!

  2. Beautiful casual look! Nice photos!