Wednesday, June 29, 2016

{Summer} Lovin' Lately

Hipanema Bracelets are one of my favorite summertime finds. They have a fun and colorful bohemian feel that is perfect for adding a pop of wow to summery outfits. I get so many compliments on mine and have had people stop me on the street to ask where I got it! I also just discovered they have a create-your-own option too so you can get the perfect combination of colors and beads to fit your style! I tried it out and created a blue, white, and gold combo just for the fun of it! What do you think?

Cuckoo. If you enjoy a quirky British sitcom, then you'll love this show. Season one stars Andy Samberg as Cuckoo, a crazy hippie American who marries the daughter of a suburban British family (surprise!) and comes to live with them, disrupting the family dynamic. Unfortunately Samberg does not return for season 2, but they effectively write his character out and introduce the perfect replacement played by Taylor Lautner. The characters get themselves into so many shenanigans and everything is funnier with a British accent! My only complaint about the show is that the actress playing Rachel (the family's daughter and Cuckoo's wife) switches from season 1 to season 2 and her character is played differently which is kind of annoying. But other than that the show is great with tons of laugh out loud moments and a hilarious cast of characters. I flew through all three seasons so fast, and now I am impatiently waiting on the announcement of a fourth season! It's available on Netflix!

Tanning Lotion. It sucks being a grown up who has to work all summer long (RIP to the all the summers I used to spend lying by the lake), it leaves so little time to actually get outside and enjoy the sunshine! While nothing will ever replace the wonderful feeling of warm sun on my skin I've started using faux tanners to help me look a little more bronzed! I wrote about my experience trying Tanwise Bronzing Mousse recently, but since it is a time consuming process I've started supplementing it with an everyday tanning lotion. I got Jergens Natural Glow which I've been using on my arms and legs daily to keep up the glow. It definitely makes a subtle difference and helps prolong the tanned look, and is a great way to start out trying faux tanners.

I have been using Poshmark for a while as a way to sell old clothing and accessories to earn a little cash, and I've finally gotten some traction with selling recently. The trick it seems, is to follow lots of people, share both your own items and others' items, and share to Posh "parties" whenever possible. It doesn't even have to take up a lot of time-- I usually check my app once a day and share a few items from my closet each time, and then maybe once a week I'll follow some new users and share a few things from other closets. I also made my first Poshmark purchase just the other day, and I love how you can find specific styles that you're looking for especially if it's from a past season and hard to find online. And since everything is re-sale the prices are usually great and often negotiable. Its a great way to make a little spending money off old clothes that you no longer wear especially nicer/pricier pieces you don't want to just give away. Follow my closet, username ccnoordsy!

I'm so obsessed with my new kate spade iPhone case! I've had my eye on this one since it came out in the spring, and I finally purchased it for myself to update my phone to a more summery look! I love the bright yellow color, and the daisy and bee motif is so 'me'! I always love their adorable and fun phone cases which just fit my style so well, I seem to buy my phone cases exclusively from kate spade! I also love their summer collection of cases too of course!

(Lemonade // Best 4th)

Strapless is one of my favorite styles for summer. Now than strapless season is in full swing I've been wearing a lot of the style recently. I love that it's a great way to stay cool and get a little sun on your shoulders, plus it's a trend that never seems to go out of style. I've always been a fan of strapless dresses and more recently have build up a collection of tops too. Just this summer I invested in my first strapless jumpsuit too! I'm excited to feature it on the blog soon, so look out for that. It is such a girly and summery look that I find it irresistible and look forward to every summer! What's your favorite summer style trend?

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xoxo, CC


  1. Love this summer compilation of things you love! I'm dying to find a new comedy show, so I'll give Cuckoo a try lol (I've been watching Happy Endings on Hulu as a replacement to New Girl/Mindy Project, but it's not the same lol).

    I've been on eBay trying to sell this bag and there's been no luck! I will have to try Poshmark!

    That case is so cute! Yellow is the shade of the summer this year.

    And I know what you mean about the strapless style. Everyone is all about off the shoulder/cold shoulder styles, but I'm trying to not hoard a bunch of them because it'll be a waste of money when the trend fades. You're so right, strapless is timeless!

    xoxo, Jennesis of Chic

    1. Exactly, off the shoulder is so in right now, but I feel like the trend will fade and I'll be over it.... but strapless is timeless, and it is much more flattering on me (and most people) anyway I think.
      I love that yellow is a big hit this summer, but I feel like I'm still not seeing a lot of it! I think many people are afraid to try a color so bold, but it's actually a lot more flattering than expected. And so fun and bright for the summer!