Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Whoops, I Did It Again

Sooo I may have mentioned before that I’m obsessed with little orange dresses and drawn to them over and over again? Well, in the words of Britney Spears, whoops I did it again. I bought another orangey dress.

This is a dress that I’ve had on my wishlist for months (ever since it hit the site actually) and have been fawning over endlessly. The color looked more like a coral-y-red online, but in person it definitely has an orange tone to it, which couldn’t make me happier! What originally drew me to this dress is the amazingly intricate lace along the bodice and the way the sheer neckline cuts low (see my earlier post about necklines). When I saw the back of the dress with the adorable scalloped lace and button detailing I was smitten. There is no element of adorableness left un-thought-of on this stunning garment.

I had to model it for you here because I was way too excited about the dress not to share it, but I think I will debut this dress at my cousin’s wedding next month. Hopefully by then it will be warm enough to not require tights! I kept the accessories to a minimum since this dress stands out all on its own and adding too many other pieces could get overwhelming. Gold-toned shoes, earrings, and bangles did just the trick to compliment the lacey detailing and the lovely orangey-coral color!  

Dress: Ruche. Shoes: Chinese Laundry (old) similar herehere. Another dress here.


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