Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Year Blogiversary!

Can you believe it? It's been one whole year since my first post on The Little Orange Dress! Wow, how time flies. 

Looking back at the year there are many things I am proud of, and many things I know need improvement. I was hesitant about starting a blog, but  when I finally made up my mind to do it I dove into it head first, no looking back. I have enjoyed sharing my personal style and thoughts among the voices of the style inspiration world, and watching my readership slowly grow. I have learned a lot about the blogging community, about how to use some html and formatting, and the power of positivity. I delight in having this space to put my creative energy into, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Over time I've grown more confident in the work I share, and worked to broaden my content. I was thrilled when Ruche even shared some of my outfits on their blog last spring! Then, life brought me to New York City this summer and that presented whole new excitements and challenges to the blog. My biggest challenge, as I see it, is getting good quality photos, and that is something I plan to improve upon going forward. 

A year ago I left my readers this thought and I wanted to share it again because I think it is still pertinent and something we often forget: "Sometimes donning a bright daring color (like orange) does just the trick to make you feel confident, courageous, and refreshed. So, next time you go to your closet, instead of reverting to your same old LBD try a bright color or a fun pattern instead. It’s amazing what a little color can do!"

In honor of this milestone I have rounded up a collection of my favorite moments looking back over the first year of blogging. Let me know, what were your favorite posts? :)

(each picture is a link, click the photo to see the original post)

 Here's to another year!
xoxo, CC


  1. Congratulations on reaching a one-year milestone! I enjoy following your blog, and I like your outdoorsy pictures the best!

    1. Thank you, that is so nice to hear! I am hoping to do some more outdoor photos soon, they're my favorite too :)